Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video games and drawing

So that's pretty much what's getting me busy in these goddamn hot summer days. Cause man, when you don't have what to do all day, even if it's fun like shit you can get pretty damn bored ... So I talked with one of my relatives who has a more wide access to video games than me and he's gonna bring me some of the video games I want, but can't find for shit here.
Also I've been practicing face anatomy lately, sketching a lot, so my drawings started to have a more realistic look than before (cause drawing only anime for about 2-3 years slowed me down a lot in my progress of becoming better and better at drawing. Fuck.), fact that gets me pretty damn happy.
So yeah. That would be all the amazing news . School starts again in about 1 month.. . . I'm not really looking forward for that.