Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video games and drawing

So that's pretty much what's getting me busy in these goddamn hot summer days. Cause man, when you don't have what to do all day, even if it's fun like shit you can get pretty damn bored ... So I talked with one of my relatives who has a more wide access to video games than me and he's gonna bring me some of the video games I want, but can't find for shit here.
Also I've been practicing face anatomy lately, sketching a lot, so my drawings started to have a more realistic look than before (cause drawing only anime for about 2-3 years slowed me down a lot in my progress of becoming better and better at drawing. Fuck.), fact that gets me pretty damn happy.
So yeah. That would be all the amazing news . School starts again in about 1 month.. . . I'm not really looking forward for that.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Well I've been sitting on my ass summer... And pretty much playing MMORPGs,  watching The Walking Dead (awesome ass series, can't wait for season 3 !!!) and Cold Case (I watched some episodes before, but now I'm trying to watch it from the first season to the last one).
I'm thinking of taking some art classes when school starts... From a club that's rolling in my city. I need some pro shit , to learn something better than I can on the interwebs, like I did all this time.
Also ...my sad anti-social ass is going out with some classmates...Get myself a nice cup of coffee... I love coffee. xD
Well that would be all. Boring as always...

Friday, June 29, 2012

So ...summer break.

Pretty much that.
I had some serious business exams this week and now that it's all over...I can relax and enjoy myself till September, when school starts again.
Got myself a fresh new PC that works wonderful. So I'm ripping them MMORPGs right now. Especially Perfect World International. That game is goddamn awesome. I played it a couple of years ago before my old PC died and got that piece of crap I just replaced.
But then I wasn't pretty smart and I wasn't able to play a goddamn MMORPG for shit. xD But now that I got smarter the game got really really fun .

Well that would be all.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Back from the hospital.

So yeah, I'm back from the hospital. Today was the 4th day I spent in there.
So, lemme tell you how it all went:
Sunday night I got a cold so I didn't go to school on Monday. Then I treated my cold like any other cold I ever had, but something I didn't know is that I started being allergic to some pills I took when I was sick to the stomach, so I took some of those on Monday (2 actually).
On Monday night my jaws would just close, simply my face muscles would just contract and then I would just yawn (my muscles would fuck around with my face again here) ...So that kinda freaked out my momma. Then later I couldn't breath right, which freaked the living hell out of my mother, so she took me to the hospital.
There the doctor first said I had pneumonia, then that the jaw problem was all in my head. So he told me to stay at the hospital over night.
But when I was trying to sleep, my jaws would again fuck around and I would really really sick and all that, so I tried going to the bathroom. On my way back, one nurse saw all in pain and asked me if I was OK and all that. I told her I was feeling sick and then I explained her all my symptoms , so she thought I had problems with the calcium in my body, so she gave me some of that. But it didn't do shit. Then she decided to take me to a doctor.
 The doctor found what was my problem in like 5 minutes. She got me hooked up on a perfusion all night .
I fell asleep at around...4am.
At 6am I woke up, feeling great. Stayed in that room for a couple of hours, and then I got moved to the room where I stayed all these 4 days.
First day was terrible, it was so fucking boring I think I went mad in there.
Second day I got depressed like shit because I thought that since I was feeling better the doctors would let me go. But then they started to treat my cold and told me that I would have to stay in the hospital till Friday. So yeah...Wednesday was a really sucky day.
Third day I kinda got used with the idea that I'll have to go home on Friday and got myself bored to death there...
The Friday (aka today) I got scared to shit when a nurse told me something like "You won't go home today, it's way too early!".
But earlier , before that my doctor told me I could go home later, so now I was confused for shit. So I waited and I found out at about 1pm that I actually I could go home.

So I waited till around 4pm when I could finally go home.
Glad it's all fucking over.

Monday, April 30, 2012


So today I went out with a couple of mates, walked around the city, went through the park...Etc.
And I caught a cold...But thats not important.
What's important is this song, which made me cry my eyes out:
 Gloomy Sunday (written by  Rezs┼Ĺ Seress and performed by Sarah McLachlan )

I'm too tired to talk about its awesomeness...and how popular it is...
But really...Listen to it. It's amazing.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy peasy school

So today I went to school (no shit) ...It was all normal, first class math...Knew what to do. Sweet.
Then at biology we went to the laboratory where our teacher came and told us that if we want, she can talk to a couple of our teacher to let us skip the classes so we can clean the lab, since there is some biology teacher conference... I don't know what shit.
So me and a couple of other girls decided to stay there and clean the lab.
It all started peachy, a couple of pieces of cloth and some cleaning stuff...substance (my brain derps now)... ... But then we cleaned the lab...For 3 hours... 3...fucking...hours....

Man...me and my classmates are fucked in the head... One of my classmates had to clean the...pickled beings in jars....And there was a fetus in one jar. She moved the jar, the things head started to move so she points it out. We all started to fucking laugh like a bunch of reres...Derp inhaling and all that. Our teacher was looking at us like she was thinking something like " I've got a bunch of psychos on my head... Fuck..."
I pity her.

But we did do a good job, tho. The lab was all shiny as fuck after we were done. Jars and models and all that shit in order...All good in the hood.

Nice green plants all clean, blackboard was shiny... Neat.

And then we did chemistry  class...I don't really like chemistry...Even if my poppa is a chemist...But shhh, that's another story...

And as I said in another post...My weekend is gonna be all long as fuck, so yuppy-di-doo... ;D

Currently watching Psychadelicsnake playing Lone Survival...or Surviving...I don't know.
Gotta do about 3 drawings on Gaia Online. Yaaays.