Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dreams gone wild ?!

 So in the past 3 days my dreams went really weird. (Here they are in chronological order)
    Dream 1  : So I had this dream that I was some kind of guide person thingy that showed some other pupils ,while being in a team with some of my other classmates) a building, the thing is, I don't know what that building was , it seemed like some sort of library/lab/factory/school thing (like the ones in videogames , when you enter a building that looks like a hospital or something and by the end of the level you're into some satanic shrine in some jungle) and me and my team were trying to escape (I don't know why) and we got to some puzzle room (something similar to the Tomb Raider ones) , so we solved the puzzle (that implied something like taking some piglets that looked like some balls to the top of the building -Bakugan much? xD -) and then we were able to get out. But when I was in front of the building, I saw some weird shit going on so entered the building, AGAIN (fuuuu...rere fuck I am) and there I met this freaky dicky dude (who reminded me of Alucard, from Hellsing, tho he didn't look like him at all, except he was really tall, but most of my male OCs and pretty much my male ideal is horribly tall) and we chit chatted some shit that I can't remember now and he just ,like, sticked one of his fingers/fingernails into another finger till blood started to come out (and I strangely felt that pain in one of my fingers as well) and he just sticked his bleeding finger in my mouth and told me something like "Clean it." or I don't know what shit... (So I assume my mind got kinky that moment. ._. ) and...then there were some kittens on a table (I ain't fucking around, that dude was going all kinky with me and I was looking at kittens) and then I woke up...My mind was in pain after that dream.
    Dream 2: So there was me and a bunch of friends and we found about some badass stone with powers and shit and we went all Scooby Doo, trying to find it and all that, and everything was so happy and shit, and we found some symbols and each symbol was some Power Ranger/ any stereotypical anime with superhero chicks and we were so happy and shit, but then these people started to hate me so they wanted to burn me alive (the fuck?) and I was really scared and shit... But the next second I was on the PC and everything on the web, on every site had some freaky Exorcist bitch on it, and that scared me. So I went to bed, and my mom was in my room, and when I was trying to explain her what I saw , she kept talking and not listening to me, so I got mad, and then some freaky naked exorcist/ring/ju-on chick appeared from nowhere and attacked me, and my mom was talking about this bitch like everything was all good in the hood, which kinda disturbed me, and after that, more bitches started coming and I was trying to fight them, punching and kicking and all that, but they kept coming and then I backed away and they were so many and damn ugly and I knew they were about to attack me ...And I woke up, I was just looking at the ceiling and ...I was so cold, so damn cold, I remember my mind was black for about 10 seconds.
   Dream 3:So, the beginning is kinda weird, all scenes about these Asian people, all Jackie Chan, everything was happy like in a Jackie Chan movie, and action and shit and it was random, really, random scenes with random Asian people.
Then the Asian scenes got into a combo with some American style wanky ass teenage party all retarded and shit, and then it totally moved to the party, where this geeky guy was being humiliated and all that and there were all these pretty and stereotypical teenagers and I...So me, pissed to shit, I started threatening the fuckers like, if they don't let the geek be, I'm gonna go to their house and kill and cannibalize their mommas (too much Hannibal Lecter, I guess) and I told this bitch I'm gonna wait for her after school and when I see her I'm gonna cut her (I actually remember I said something like "I'mma cut you! I'mma CUT YOU!"). So I grabbed the geek and we started talking about video games and figurines and I really felt the need to hug him, and kiss him, all lovey dovey, but I didn't.  I just a thought about it. And since the party was in my crib (I don't know why), I knew shit about this place, so I started hearing noises and all that , and then I saw a kid with a slice of cake, and I knew the cake was in a pan (what...the..fuck...? Cake in pan?) so then I just knew they all wanted to attack me, therefore I got my ass in the kitchen, where I got a knife (more knives where missing, so I knew they wanted to kill me) so I got my knife and fuckers started coming with knives and shit, trying to kill me, but I stabbed them (I could actually feel the knife going in their bodies and felt them falling) and so on I killed a bunch of fuckers till the last bitch that came to attack me was actually this type of happy party chick all cool(stoned like) and shit, thinking this was a joke, but me, all fucked and shit, almost killed her, but realized she don't know what she doing so I just accidentally scratched her skin, where she realized shit is actually serious, so she gave her knife to the last person there and went away. And then there was this other kid, like a 5 year old kid (who got the knife) and I took the pan and went all "Motherfucker, get out, before I hurt you!" and he said something like "Violence isn't nice, I'mma go now." so I lifted him up so he can get out using the window (cause the fuckers came in the kitchen using the window) and then I woke up. But you see, in the battle, I got cut, my hand got cut pretty bad, and when I woke up, I still felt the pain in my hand for about 5 seconds. And I was hot, really, all sweaty and shit, it was horribly hot.

And , the good part about these dreams is that they have more sense (?) than my past dreams, and also that I move a lot faster. But still man...Its a weird change.

Excuse the wall of text.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So, after thinking a while about it, I realized I barely eat any eggs.
So why not completely give up on them? I mean, I was a raging carnivore, and I could give up on meat one day  all of a sudden with no problem, therefore, I must be capable of giving up on eggs.
Milk is another story, I have calcium problems in my bones, and the calcium you find in drugstores isn't really my cup of tea, since its all chemicals and stuff.
But hey! Better a little something than nothing at all.

And school starts in 3 days. Snap.
Gotta do my homework. (Procrastinating procrastinator is procrastinating.)
But it ain't that hard! (Yaaay!)

Well that would be it. Hope you have a good day. xD

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new year!

 So, first of all I want to wish everybody a happy new year...and hope we don't all die ... . _ .
 Second, I'd like to write down all my new year resolutions (dun dun dun) :
  •  Lose weight (about 4-7 kilograms).
  •  Live healthier.
  •  Keep being a vegetarian. xDD Duh...
  •  Learn to draw more realistic/ learn to draw manly men with muscles and all that. xD
 And that would kinda be all...Wish me luck!
 My holidays weren't so much of a big deal...I guess its cause 2011 wasn't that much of a good year, therefore celebrating something that sucked is kinda stupid.
 Well I have about 2 more weeks of free time then school starts again, but I'm not planning to do anything special during them...Maybe watch stuff on YouTube, fool around on Gaia Online and talk with friends.  Wonderful!
 The weather here is horrible, even if its cold, there is almost no snow at all. Only that horrible type of watery snow that everybody hates and in which you can't play at all.
 Even if I'm trying to be optimistic about this year, I don't actually think things will go so amazing...I mean, the main problem is the economy. In Europe, at least in Romania, its HORRIBLE, really. Also...snap...after school ends, I'm moving towns with my parents! D: Since my dad works in another town, money is a huge problem for us...And thats why me and my mom will move with him... So yeah...Well at least I'll have a new room = fun of redecorating and all that.
 I'm quite happy about the new year... I hope things will work out just fine .

  And that would be all...Again, Happy New Year! Hope you all had great holidays!