Monday, April 30, 2012


So today I went out with a couple of mates, walked around the city, went through the park...Etc.
And I caught a cold...But thats not important.
What's important is this song, which made me cry my eyes out:
 Gloomy Sunday (written by  Rezs┼Ĺ Seress and performed by Sarah McLachlan )

I'm too tired to talk about its awesomeness...and how popular it is...
But really...Listen to it. It's amazing.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy peasy school

So today I went to school (no shit) ...It was all normal, first class math...Knew what to do. Sweet.
Then at biology we went to the laboratory where our teacher came and told us that if we want, she can talk to a couple of our teacher to let us skip the classes so we can clean the lab, since there is some biology teacher conference... I don't know what shit.
So me and a couple of other girls decided to stay there and clean the lab.
It all started peachy, a couple of pieces of cloth and some cleaning stuff...substance (my brain derps now)... ... But then we cleaned the lab...For 3 hours... 3...fucking...hours.... and my classmates are fucked in the head... One of my classmates had to clean the...pickled beings in jars....And there was a fetus in one jar. She moved the jar, the things head started to move so she points it out. We all started to fucking laugh like a bunch of reres...Derp inhaling and all that. Our teacher was looking at us like she was thinking something like " I've got a bunch of psychos on my head... Fuck..."
I pity her.

But we did do a good job, tho. The lab was all shiny as fuck after we were done. Jars and models and all that shit in order...All good in the hood.

Nice green plants all clean, blackboard was shiny... Neat.

And then we did chemistry  class...I don't really like chemistry...Even if my poppa is a chemist...But shhh, that's another story...

And as I said in another post...My weekend is gonna be all long as fuck, so yuppy-di-doo... ;D

Currently watching Psychadelicsnake playing Lone Survival...or Surviving...I don't know.
Gotta do about 3 drawings on Gaia Online. Yaaays.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

School and long weekend

So yeah...School started this Tuesday and not Monday.
Also we're free next Monday and Tuesday so yeah! Thank goodness I'm gonna be pretty free these days.
 Listening to Emilie Autumn and loving it. I just fell in love with her song "Let the Record Show"

She's one of my anti-drugs...Or I guess she did become a drug to me, because there is no day I don't listen to a Emilie Autumn song.

Been listening to some Mindless Self Indulgence too these days. Forgot how much fun they are.

Schools kinda easy now...Lessons aren't killing me and I actually manage to understand math...And I'm retarded at math, so thats good.
A part of my gums hurt. D: Ffff...Must be cause of the cold wind.

Well that would be all the news for now...I got a couple of commissions to do. Pretty depressed these days, I don't know why tho. Ow well...


Monday, April 16, 2012


Yep, I'm drawing a lot lately! Got a bunch of commissions on Gaia Online these days...
My hand hurts.
I still gotta do my homework. Meh...Its not that big (just see me in a couple of days crying my eyes out over lots and lots of books and notebooks, doing my homework).
And I just made myself a Tumbrl, and deleted it.
D:< Blogger never asked me to post pictures and change my avatar and follow people.
That's why I love you Blogger, that's why I love you.

My dA. If you wanna see the stuff I'm drawing right now... ;D
Beware, it might just burn your eyes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drawing and being bored...

So yeah...thats my life right now...I draw a lot...and I'm bored a lot...
Also I sleep a lot...and eat a lot... . _ . Like the awesome teenager I am...

Well the Easter holidays kinda messed up my program and all that... xD I sleep more, I got to bed later, I wake up later...I eat more . D: I GET FATTER!

Anyslut...I'm glad I'm free from school 2 weeks! ;D
Tho tomorrow 1/4 of my holiday is gone...WHY ARE THE DAYS PASSING BY SO FUCKING FAST?! D: