Monday, November 14, 2011

My life...

"What are you going to do with your life?" ...Pretty often question my teachers or friends ask. Why?

 Because I don't dream to be future Bill Gates. And I'm not even a stupid pupil, I'm a relatively good pupil , but no perfect. And that seems to bother lots of people.
 I got asked a bunch of times what do is my goal in this life. And I realized its happiness. I don't want to be a rich fancy woman with 2 mansions and like 50 cars...No, I want a nice flat ( 2-3 rooms) and maybe a car. What I really want is to be happy each and everyday of my life.
 I'm kinda sick of people these days, since at least in my country, they all try to get horribly rich and thats it. I heard none of my classmates say that they want to live a modest happy life.
And its funny how they find my goal stupid and think I'm just too lazy to want and try to be more.
 This makes me many people don't dream of fame, power and money and 'only' want a normal nice happy life, without all the other stuff. 
 Stuff like this makes me remember something one of my teachers said. People these days forget how it is to be human and loose touch with their sensitive and emotional side. 
 I personally think thats very true... because you can see it in daily life ...Less and less people care about happiness and all that and only crave money.

I noticed that people with modest lives somehow seem more human than most of the rich people out there.
 Or another thing I get told is that I'm wasting my life, I'm not working for money and wealth, I'm wasting time... Am I? Really? Or am I actually living my life the way I like, happy and calm?
 What is life these days anyway? We all admire the smart kid in school who studies the whole day and who is going to have a good job because his parents want him to, or the smart kid in school who studies because he loves it and have a good job he loves?
I think I admire the second one, because he's doing that for his own pleasure, not because rich ass mommy and daddy want him to be all rich like them....
  Or maybe its just me talking smack right now...

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