Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new year!

 So, first of all I want to wish everybody a happy new year...and hope we don't all die ... . _ .
 Second, I'd like to write down all my new year resolutions (dun dun dun) :
  •  Lose weight (about 4-7 kilograms).
  •  Live healthier.
  •  Keep being a vegetarian. xDD Duh...
  •  Learn to draw more realistic/ learn to draw manly men with muscles and all that. xD
 And that would kinda be all...Wish me luck!
 My holidays weren't so much of a big deal...I guess its cause 2011 wasn't that much of a good year, therefore celebrating something that sucked is kinda stupid.
 Well I have about 2 more weeks of free time then school starts again, but I'm not planning to do anything special during them...Maybe watch stuff on YouTube, fool around on Gaia Online and talk with friends.  Wonderful!
 The weather here is horrible, even if its cold, there is almost no snow at all. Only that horrible type of watery snow that everybody hates and in which you can't play at all.
 Even if I'm trying to be optimistic about this year, I don't actually think things will go so amazing...I mean, the main problem is the economy. In Europe, at least in Romania, its HORRIBLE, really. Also...snap...after school ends, I'm moving towns with my parents! D: Since my dad works in another town, money is a huge problem for us...And thats why me and my mom will move with him... So yeah...Well at least I'll have a new room = fun of redecorating and all that.
 I'm quite happy about the new year... I hope things will work out just fine .

  And that would be all...Again, Happy New Year! Hope you all had great holidays!

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