Friday, May 25, 2012

Back from the hospital.

So yeah, I'm back from the hospital. Today was the 4th day I spent in there.
So, lemme tell you how it all went:
Sunday night I got a cold so I didn't go to school on Monday. Then I treated my cold like any other cold I ever had, but something I didn't know is that I started being allergic to some pills I took when I was sick to the stomach, so I took some of those on Monday (2 actually).
On Monday night my jaws would just close, simply my face muscles would just contract and then I would just yawn (my muscles would fuck around with my face again here) ...So that kinda freaked out my momma. Then later I couldn't breath right, which freaked the living hell out of my mother, so she took me to the hospital.
There the doctor first said I had pneumonia, then that the jaw problem was all in my head. So he told me to stay at the hospital over night.
But when I was trying to sleep, my jaws would again fuck around and I would really really sick and all that, so I tried going to the bathroom. On my way back, one nurse saw all in pain and asked me if I was OK and all that. I told her I was feeling sick and then I explained her all my symptoms , so she thought I had problems with the calcium in my body, so she gave me some of that. But it didn't do shit. Then she decided to take me to a doctor.
 The doctor found what was my problem in like 5 minutes. She got me hooked up on a perfusion all night .
I fell asleep at around...4am.
At 6am I woke up, feeling great. Stayed in that room for a couple of hours, and then I got moved to the room where I stayed all these 4 days.
First day was terrible, it was so fucking boring I think I went mad in there.
Second day I got depressed like shit because I thought that since I was feeling better the doctors would let me go. But then they started to treat my cold and told me that I would have to stay in the hospital till Friday. So yeah...Wednesday was a really sucky day.
Third day I kinda got used with the idea that I'll have to go home on Friday and got myself bored to death there...
The Friday (aka today) I got scared to shit when a nurse told me something like "You won't go home today, it's way too early!".
But earlier , before that my doctor told me I could go home later, so now I was confused for shit. So I waited and I found out at about 1pm that I actually I could go home.

So I waited till around 4pm when I could finally go home.
Glad it's all fucking over.

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