Friday, September 9, 2011

A procrastinator says "Hello"

Good morning!
So, after 3 months of being very lazy...I decided to do my homework. 60 pages, to do in 3 days. Well 60 pages of horribly easy homework though. 
And after I do these 60 pages in my 3 starts. And I'm terrified. 
Not that I'm usually so terrified of exams and school...But this year I have important exams. Exams that will choose a little part of my future. (A massive part for some, but since I want to become a makeup artist it won't affect me...that bad).
And I'm really in no mood for starting homework. I'm a vary lazy person... If I break free from all obligations I never ever want to go back. 
And my headphones just died...Now thats just gorgeous. 
But I guess I don't have to stress myself that bad, since the exams are at the end of this school year. I have time to study...Lots of time... And I can already hear the procrastinator in my head "Too much time! "...
Ow God....
And I'm hungry and I have nothing to eat right now.How amazingly awesome! This day already started horribly...I don't even want to know how its gonna end....

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