Wednesday, April 25, 2012

School and long weekend

So yeah...School started this Tuesday and not Monday.
Also we're free next Monday and Tuesday so yeah! Thank goodness I'm gonna be pretty free these days.
 Listening to Emilie Autumn and loving it. I just fell in love with her song "Let the Record Show"

She's one of my anti-drugs...Or I guess she did become a drug to me, because there is no day I don't listen to a Emilie Autumn song.

Been listening to some Mindless Self Indulgence too these days. Forgot how much fun they are.

Schools kinda easy now...Lessons aren't killing me and I actually manage to understand math...And I'm retarded at math, so thats good.
A part of my gums hurt. D: Ffff...Must be cause of the cold wind.

Well that would be all the news for now...I got a couple of commissions to do. Pretty depressed these days, I don't know why tho. Ow well...


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