Friday, December 9, 2011

I recently realized.

That life is one of the most unfair things ever.
I mean. You're born, right? But you never asked for it...No, your parents just decide for you to exist (unfair much ). Then you start growing up, people start expecting shit from you (good grades, lots of work...etc.), and if you don't do all that shit they get pissed with you and make fits and make you feel like shit and tell you how you'll fail in life and how much you suck for being lazy and stupid and all that crap(I myself am the most lazy person I ever know. Its in my nature.).
 Then another fun part is when you can't stand to hurt yourself (I per example can't even sting myself with a needle...I just can't.) so suicide isn't an option. Therefore, you're stuck in this piece of shit life.
  And then they send your ass to a doctor cause you 'need help' because you don't love life. Just...Go fuck yourself. I never asked to be born, nor to live this crap, but hey, guess what? I can't do shit about it!
 So you end up all depressed and unable to end it all... (Also if you're unlucky to also be the ugly/untalented kid like me you'll get judged and bullied about that also.) With people thinking that you have mental problems because you don't see the world all pink.

There are many other stuff to say that are unfair about/in life...but that would simply take a lifetime (pfff xD ).
 So yeah... In conclusion, life is pretty much the most unfair shit I ever know. ಠΩಠ
So fuck my life.

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