Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My art teacher is moving to Germany

And I'm really happy for her, because I know this is a huge chance, and I wouldn't like her to miss it...
I mean...I'd give anything to get as far as possible from Romania (and get my ass to Germany or something.).
I do have to confess I feel kinda sorry cause she helped me a lot during these 4 years and I really really like her... And I sure as hell will miss her.
Another bad part is that we don't know when a new art teacher will come to our school...And I don't wanna spend the rest of our school year doing only music. 'Ω'
Or when a new teacher comes...I hope he/she will be as good as this one...I mean, I don't want some indifferent fuck or some twat who will only talk about art history and do nothing with us talented kids. ಠΩಠ
So yeah...this kinda got me sad...
Well I wish her lots of luck. Damn I'll really miss her... ಠΩಠ

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